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Billericay Soapbox Derby 2017

Well....what a journey we've had building our Mini Mimi and what a successful day the Billericay Soapbox Derby was for everyone involved. What started off as a bit of promotional fun became a determination over 5 months to build the best replica Ice Cream Van we could and with the team of Mick (Chief Mechanic), Ash (Chief Fabricator), Rich (Chief Pusher) and myself (Designer and Driver) I think we pulled it off,

The big day was an early start arriving at Sun Corner for 6:30am and setting up in the pits. Our big reveal was prepared and Mini Mimi appeared from behind a cloud of smoke to the coughs and cheers from those around.

Run1: We we given a good soaking from the clouds above as we waited for our first run and so had the additional fun of a wet track and jumps to deal with. The push was good and our set up handled like it was bone dry, hitting the jumps at speed we made the headlines with our height and travel finishing the run and session as 2nd fastest.

Run2: This time we had a dry track and a better push from the off ramp. Again we provided a show on the jumps for the spectators and cut a tighter line through the chicane cutting a fraction off our time but being knocked down to 3rd fastest.

Results: We finished 3rd fastest overall across all categories for the day and was the fastest corporate team of the day which isn't bad for our first attempt, and best of all we all had a lot of fun and raised some money for the charities that The Billericay Rotary Club support.

......the plans for 2018 have started and this time we're going to be faster :-)

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